Normal Boy

by Bill Bressler

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The ARP Synthesizers mentioned in the track credits are an Odyssey and a limping Pro Soloist.


released December 18, 2018

If you have an ear for melody, vintage synthesizers, a sense of humor and irony, and love Prog, then this is album's for you. If none of these things apply, you should buy it anyway because it's good!

Mastered by Scott Anthony at Storybook Sound Maplewood, NJ


all rights reserved



Bill Bressler South Orange, New Jersey

"I'm not trying to make electronic music. I'm making music where the electronic and synthesized elements are just as important as the acoustic and electric ones."

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Track Name: Fits and Starts
I think that it's about time we get this thing started
What do you think?
I know I put a lot into that long intro
Like the whole kitchen sink
I think it's time that we get the ball rolling
Get the show upon the road
I think it's time that we get the ship sailing
Or let the damn thing implode
So let's begin
Track Name: Normal Boy
I was born into the suburbs
Had an average uneventful kind of youth
Playing baseball and atari
Got a dollar every time I lost a tooth

Normal boy
Normal boy

Played the fool inside the classroom
Got my first car on the mirror put some dice
And the girls that I would ask out would say no
But always said that I was nice

Normal boy
Normal boy

I was bullied and the bully
And I mostly felt alone
Out of sync with everyone
Living in my own time zone
Truth is I was a weird kid
Shy but funny
Didn't know where to fit in
Hell it was the eighties
I mean where do I begin?
But there are no regrets
It made me into who I am today

When I think about my life then
I can still say that I had it pretty good
But if I had the chance to go back
I can't say to you exactly that I would

Normal boy
Normal boy
Normal boy
Track Name: Guitarist
There are certain sounds that I like to hear
I don't know why but they're very pleasing to my ear
Just some dusty keys from a different age
That I like to play when I want to turn back the page

Na na na nana nana

If the organ's a beer, then the mellotron's a drug
Piano's wine but I prefer it if it has a plug
Like water flows the synth can take a lead
Shred all you like and guaranteed your fingers will not bleed!

Na na na nana nana

Guitars always made me jealous
Though I like the sounds they made
While I was practicing piano
The guitarist he was
He was always getting
He was always getting laid

If you're looking for me
You'll find me here
Surrounded by water, wine, and drugs and lots of beer

Na na na nana nana
Track Name: The Walk
At my desk August '03
When the power went out in New York City
Down some stairs, out through the doors
How that day was a beauty
Seemed such a pity

First world problems knocking
Darkness and the sunshine
The sunshine

One little thought that crossed a few minds, when the blackout began
Was this Bin Laden?
Either way, the fear disappeared, and the city seemed peaceful
Worries forgotten

First world problems knocking
Standing in the sunshine
The sunshine
The sunshine

My wife was downtown, but I couldn't reach her
There were no working cellphones, no
Subway's down, can't get a cab
Looked like I'd have to walk home
From Sixth Avenue and 25th
To Brooklyn

So I'm walking it home, and I got a strut
I'm a little bit sweaty, and a little bit hot
Now I've walked it before, and I just won't stop
But in working clothes, my underwear's riding up

Got those first world problems a-knocking
Beating down on me as I'm walking
In the sunshine...

And the ice cream's melting
At the grocery
And all I really wanted was a bottle of cold iced tea

I made Broadway and Prince Street, where my wife would be
But her office was closed
The woman left without me
Slightly annoyed I walked down to the Brooklyn Bridge

And there's a policeman
Who says I cannot cross, with hundreds of people waiting in line
But I've come too far for this!
And right before my eyes, and right behind his back I see
Someone sneak around onto the bridge
Excuse me, I really have to run...

I made it across to be greeted by the waving borough president
It made me smile, after all I was a proud Brooklyn resident
Almost home, I carried on

Through the door, up some stairs
In a brownstone on Carroll, was our apartment
I sat down, alone on the bed
Until I heard voices from the back garden
I went to the window and opened it up
My wife was out back offering me a warm cup of iced tea
I walked right down
Track Name: A Little Song (Before We Go)
I'm not truly angry
I'm not really pissed
I'm just trying to prove that I exist
I'm not really sick
No, no, I'm not very tired
I'm just trying to leave some kind of mark
Before I'm expired

There's no trick, nothing under my sleeve, well
You can listen, you don't have to believe me
And it's all right here in a little song

I'm not really jaded
I'm not quite so burned out
Just trying to make some kind of sense of what my life's about
So here's something different
Something one of a kind
An artifact for an archaeologist to find

I was told that I cannot succeed, that I was
Meant to follow down the cliff that they'd lead me
Think I'll make my stand with a little song

And for those who are still in doubt
'Xcuse me while I whip this out

I'm not really angry!
Track Name: Reprise of a Sort
I think that it's about time we shut this whole thing down
What do you think?
I know I put a lot into all of this music
But I'm fresh out of ink

I think it's time we said that nobody's normal
But what's a normal boy to do?
Spend his time enjoying life in the moment
And maybe write a song or two
A song or two

So let's begin
Let's begin
Let's begin

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